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  25-Apr-2019 11:15 GMT  

We’ve had a few people ask us if there's anything we can do to help players who miss a week or two of their predictions. It’s a long season and we know that sometimes players might not be able to get to a computer in time to get their predictions in - for all sorts of good, bad, and downright silly reasons. We also know that some people will join us after a week or two of the season. We don’t want people to feel it’s the end of the road if they miss the odd week of predictions, so we've come up with a scheme we're calling "Five Lives". Here's how it works:

  1. If you don't make a prediction by the time the round closes, we'll automatically give you the benefit of Magic Mike's wisdom - in other words, we'll give you his predictions. You can receive this benefit up to five times during the course of the season; If you join us slightly late after the season has kicked off, we’ll automatically give you Magic Mike’s predictions for the weeks you missed up to a maximum of five weeks. (If you receive less than five weeks lives you’ll have the difference available to use as a safety net during the rest of the season.) BUT

  2. If you automatically receive Magic Mike's predictions through our system (as opposed to selecting and inputting them yourself) you lose a Bankers life for each life used even though you get Magic Mike’s banker for points scoring purposes. AND

  3. You can’t win a prize (including random prizes) for any round you use a life and receive a Magic Mike prediction - you've got to predict and enter yourself to be in with a chance of winning.

  4. NB There are special rules for our FA Cup and Champions League competitions which restrict the number of lives available in each of those comps to one only.

So if you miss a prediction, or two, or even up to five, during the season, you're still in the main season-long league game. We all have busy weeks, holidays, and things like that where we don't get a chance to get our predictions in, but we're keeping it fair for the people who make the extra effort to play every week.

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